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imagesArt Space – In addition to its functions as a developer, owner and manager of Artspace live/work projects from coast to coast, Artspace acts as a consultant to communities, organizations, and individuals seeking information and advice about developing affordable artist live/work spaces.


images Our Town by the National Endowment for the Arts – Our Town is the NEA’s primary creative placemaking grants program, and invests in projects that contribute to the livability of communities and place the arts at their core.


artplaceArt Place America – Art Place is a ten-year collaboration that exists to position art and culture as a core sector of comprehensive community planning and development, through a national grants program, documentation and research, and making connections in communities.


imgresRebuilding Exchange  – A nonprofit that operates a market for reclaimed building materials. Rebuilding Exchange also provides education, job training, and programming to promote sustainable deconstruction practices.


Artist Space Housing in Boston – An initiative through the Boston Redevelopment Authority that works in collaboration with other city agencies  to help create live/work spaces and retain existing spaces for artists in the city.










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