• In the summer and early fall of 2014, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing produced a series of workshops on artist live/work spaces that shared expertise, case studies and resources from around the country. In an effort to keep the conversation going with our area artists, we have produced a small publication that highlights key findings from each of the workshops. If you weren’t able to make any of the sessions, we hope you’ll enjoy this PDF, also featuring the artwork of our artist-member, Laura Gajewski.
  • Immediately after our workshops were completed, we were also awarded $2,500 in additional funding from Mid-MEAC and the Tri-County Planning Commission, and in a very short span of time created a robust website – appropriately titled 517 Creative Spaces. We wanted to create a web presence that would highlight what we learned, link to resources that were shared, and allow us to keep adding more content and links as we find them. While our site is still “under construction,” we thank you for your patience as we add more content, increase our resources, and in turn, we ask that all who are are passionate about the Greater Lansing region’s creative spaces opportunities give us their feedback.
  • Perhaps someday, this conversation will turn to reality, and we will be able to highlight and share our own local story of a live/work space in the Greater Lansing region. This website will be the perfect place to do just that.
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Debbie Mikula
Executive Director