517 Creative Spaces

Live. Work. Play.


Welcome to the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s 517 Creative Spaces – a place for exploring the artist live/work space concept, sharing resources and collaborative options, and opening the conversation in the Greater Lansing area.

No matter how large or how small, every community has artists – creatives who lead the transformation of cities and towns – adding value to our cultural landscape and defined sense of place. Providing these artists with affordable spaces in which to live and work plays a huge role in growing communities that surrounded in the process and impact of the arts and creative industry.

Today, successful artist live/work spaces exist all across the world — popping up in city after city with successful results. We are inspired by their economic and cultural impact, encouraged by their profound growth, and interested in their similar beginnings.


So the Arts Council is prompting the question: “Is it time for the Greater Lansing Area to talk creative spaces?”