517 Creative Spaces is all about creative thinking. There are lots of ways in which we can make room – spaces for artists to get creative. In fact, there are plenty of spaces all over the tri-county area that are either available for free or for a small charge. There are also plenty of artists who are looking to collaborate on projects and share ideas and places. Our Digs & Gigs page provides resources to shared spaces and collaborative opportunities, specifically in our area.


Greater Lansing Real Estate Listing Pages

These pages are frequently updated, please continue to check back on them.


Greater Lansing Shared Spaces Pages

  • REACH – Provides shared work space for parties, events, workshops, or the use of their Art Truck.
  • MICA Gallery – An active Old Town gallery that hosts bi-monthly exhibits and rents out space for outside artistic endeavors.
  • Hannah Community Center – The East Lansing Hannah Community Center houses event and meeting spaces, as well as an auditorium, with a strong emphasis on supporting arts & culture.
  • (SCENE) Metrospace – Creates a community space, owned and operated by Michigan State University, to share artwork, shows, exhibits, creative endeavors, and more.
  • Neighborhood Empowerment Center -Great space that rents out classrooms, conferenec rooms, seating circle spaces, an art gallery, patio and grounds, and its lobby.
  • Ruhala Performing Arts – Offers studio, dressing rooms, and other rental space for a diverse array of events.


Greater Lansing Collaborative Opportunities

  • Arts Council of Greater Lansing – Always looking to connect ideas, empower communities, and create tangible change with an arts lens for our community. We can connect individuals, businesses, government agencies, and a host of other interested parties to start this work.